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Thrilled and grateful to see you’re on board to support my upcoming graphic novels!

The Mannamong has been well received by webcomic fans and nominated for an Eisner Award for Best Webcomic in 2023. I am launching the series as graphic novel books and hope you will join my launch team. 

As a member of my launch team, you would get early access to a FREE EBOOK; and if you love it, post an honest review on Amazon once I officially launch the book on Feb 28th. 

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Praise for "The Mannamong"

2023 Will Eisner Comic Industry Award nominee for Best Webcomic

In a world where legends speak of the Mannamong, mythical spirits crafted by Mother Nature to guide and safeguard humanity, the boundary between folklore and truth blurs for Kali Teal.

Volume 1 introduces readers to Kali’s extraordinary journey, where the bedtime stories her mother shared become a tangible reality. As she grapples with the consequences of a rogue mannamong’s possession and struggles to convince her mother of their existence, Kali is thrust into a quest to untangle the mysteries surrounding these enigmatic beings.

Volume 2 delves deeper into Kali’s toil with the rogue Mannamong, Tontorus, and the unfolding conflict between humans and Mannamong. As Kali tries to rid herself of Tontorus and navigate the conflicts among mannamong spirits, readers are taken on a rollercoaster of emotions and unforeseen twists.